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• Assist patient with activities of daily living, such as bathing, hand washing, oral, nail & hair care as needed.
• Maintain bed and room in a clean and orderly fashion.
• Take and report vital signs and weights as ordered.
• Collect and document data for intake and output.
• Assisting and preparing patients for meals, including feeding patients.
• Assist nursing staff as requested to collect specimens and prepare for procedures.
• Assisting with elimination via urinals, bedpans, bowel and/or bladder programs.
• Making beds both occupied and unoccupied.
• Answer call lights & phone promptly and in a courteous and helpful manner.
• Providing measures of comfort and convenience ( i.e. water, blankets, etc.)
• Maintaining inventory of patient belongings.
• Assisting in admission, transfer and discharge of patients.
• Transferring and ambulating patients
• Apply hot/cold packs, special restraints or binders as directed by primary nurse.
• Apply knowledge of special practices in the care of patients pre- and post-operatively and for patients in isolation.
• Assisting with post mortem care.
• Perform & document newborn Hearing Screens in accordance with established methods.
• Ensuring equipment is in proper working order and cleaned after patient use and returned to clean utility.
• Keeping halls free of equipment and clutter.
• Communicating to licensed staff regarding any changes in patient's condition.
• Performs other job duties as assigned.

1. EDUCATION High School Graduate or Equivalent.

2. LICENSURE Must have a valid drivers' license.

Certificate of completion from approved CNA school.

Satisfactory completion of standardized competency exam upon hire & annually.

3. EXPERIENCE Knowledge of hospital and departmental policies and procedure as gained through orientation.

4. SKILLS Must be capable of communicating clearly (reading, writing and speaking) in the English Language.

Must be capable of operating an IBM compatible personal computer with Microsoft Office and the Internet.

Must be capable of reading and comprehending written, policies, procedures laws and regulation.
Familiar with equipment, tools, and work aids used in the delivery of patient care within the designated departments worked.

5. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS Maintain positive relationships among staff, physicians and ancillary personnel; interact with patients and visitors.

6. PHYSICAL EFFORT Able to handle a fluctuating workload
Physical Demand Level: Heavy
• In an 12-hour workday, must be able to lift/carry:
o 50 to 100 pounds occasionally
 25 to 50 pounds frequently
 10 to 20 pounds constantly
o As required, must be able to :
 Sit, Stand, Walk, Bend, Squat, Kneel, Crawl, Climb and Reach above shoulders
 Push and Pull
 Perform fine motor functions
Must possess functional vision, hearing, and speech in order to communicate effectively with clients, client advocates and staff

7. HOURS OF WORK Varied 12 hr shifts

8. HAZARDS The employee works in an environment with biological, chemical and mechanical hazards. The employer will provide appropriate training, protective equipment and engineering controls for the protection and safety of the employee.

As a condition of employment, the employee is required to abide by all DMH policies and risk management regulations including the proper use of protective devices and procedures.

As a condition of employment, the employee will be required to demonstrate competence in DMH safety and security procedures.

Demonstrate knowledge and skills to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients. Cognizant of ethical and legal issues inherent in providing care for patients of all ages.

The ability to work in a constant state of alertness and in a safe manner.

Employees who have legally obtained a prescription for medical marijuana, cannot use marijuana at work or come to work "under the influence" & must not be in possession of marijuana while on hospital property.

10. INFECTION CONTROL: Be knowledgeable in infection prevention and control measures

Statement of Understanding and Acceptance:
I hereby have read the above job description and duties as listed. I understand the job requirements and agree to accept and carry out these responsibilities and other duties as assigned.

Additional Information
Position Type : Full Time
Shift : Night

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Delta Memorial Hospital

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