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Why renovate the Delta Health Services Clinic?

The Delta Memorial Hospital board is testing its opportunity to underwrite the renovation of the Delta Health Services Clinic with community donations. Renovating the building would increase the staff's effectiveness as they provide services to 9,128 patients who travel from 13 counties for their healthcare.

Did you know?

The community came together with personal donations to build the clinic.
Our 15,000 square foot Delta Health Service Clinic opened in 1978.
In the 40 years since it has neither been renovated nor refurbished.
Our annual traffic of 21,251 patient visits with their families wears on a facility.
Delta Health Services helps patients from the 13 counties surrounding Dumas.
2 physicians, 1 Certified Nurse Practitioner and 8 nurses work there.
Renovation would add space for another physician, who will be on staff in 2019.
The renovation would cost $1,200,000.00

Why is this renovation important to you and to Dumas?

Delta Memorial Hospital and Health Service Clinic is a key Dumas economic driver providing and improving the quality of life for residents while attracting new residents and new businesses.
Economic development research tells us that a modern , comfortable, clean and well-equipped clinic and hospital attract and maintain hospital staff, improve patient healthcare outcomes, engage new residents and retain businesses.
The Clinic is a nationally recognized Patient Center Medical Home (PCMH). That means its patient-centered, comprehensive, team-based, coordinated, accessible and focused on quality and safety.

Consider these (10) reasons to renovate the Clinic.

For safety and comfort, replace the roof and HVAC system.
The electric, wifi, communications and records systems need increased capacity that will bring the clinic to "best practices" standards.
Patient and staff comfort will improve with enhanced air conditioning and bathroom remodeling.
Enhance accessibility to the clinic by rebuilding the parking lots, entrances, and adding automatic door entrances.
Remodel the reception areas.
Install new flooring, paint the facility and remodel restrooms for cleanliness and accessibility.
Increase the internal and external accessibility to and from the clinic.
Realign space for additional exam rooms, medical staff space and more efficient patient flow.
Enhance the electrical, phone, Wi-Fi and computer systems to streamline documentation and communications.
Improve working conditions for the staff to enhance staff morale and customer service.


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