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Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services are provided at Delta Memorial Hospital, which is located at 811 South 65 Highway, Dumas, Arkansas. The hospital contracts with licensed physicians to provide coverage of the Emergency Department. All persons presenting to the emergency department will receive a medical screening to determine their need for emergency medical care and treatment.

Persons who require medical care which may exceed the limits of the emergency medical services which can be provided by Delta Memorial Hospital will be transferred to an appropriate healthcare facility, which can best meet their needs for care and treatment. Delta Memorial Hospital has both air and ground ambulance service available by agreement with private contractors.

Following the medical screening, persons who do not require emergency medical care will be directed to a local primary care provider or Delta Health Services Clinic located near the facility. We do not provide primary healthcare services in the hospital Emergency Department. Please see the MEDICAL STAFF link for information regarding local primary care services.

For more information about the Delta Health Services Clinic please click here.


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